Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pesta Rumbia 2011 | Kuala Penyu :Part 1

10 July 2011 ( Sun) ♥ Pesta Rumbia Kuala Penyu 2011 

Woke up 5.15 am get ready with stuff and leave house 5.40 am to fetch lulu.
but due to my stomach keep playing drum,
we stopped by kolombong Tmn Nelly's there buy some pau and of course soya bean ~

After that heading to Roanne's house.
Mr. JC come earlier than us???
I know I am late but I expect him to come late than me.... :)
But its good also lah he no late.

Fetch Randy and then heading to Papar for breakfast.

Opps...The clutch got problem and we got it service at papar.

Reach Kuala Penyu around......10am? 11am? Not really sure.

We used the almost membakut-klias-kuala penyu road.

Nice view along the road that JC said, " I feel like we are in africa...."


Arrived there, there are a car group of Volkswagen heading for the auto show.

We are in the middle of the car group. 


Volkswagen , Volkswagen , Volkswagen , UNSER, Volkswagen ....Volkswagen ...

We can imagine that, people on the roadside will go....

"wow, wow, wow, skip,"


And the most funniest part is..

We followed the back of the Volkswagen because we dont know the route.

The car gang drove into the stadium.

We were... "O~~~~~~"

faster change lane and go into another path road.


Found parking and started to explore the Pesta Rumbia.


What is Pesta Rumbia?

My own explanation, Rumbia is a tree. 

It is where the sago comes from.

It went through some process and ta dang.... sago!

What is sago??

The one inside " zhen zhu nai cha a.k.a Pearl Milk Tea"

HAHAHA.... :) 

There are many stalls there.

According to Holly, years back the Pesta Rumbia is held at Pantai Sawangan.

But this year is at the town itself.

Very happening man.....

I think more happening than the Pesta GATA.

Besides food stall, there are also cultural stall...

I bet Lulu jie must be happy to see it.

Though she can see it everyday at museum.. :D

Pictures spamming........ 

 The Volkswagens.

 The Bisaya's booth.

 Lulu jie with tekiding.

 The Rumbia.


Its my first time ever see it.
A nice high protein food.
But thank you.
I try to touch it.
It feels so gross for me.
I cant bear the ulat ulat.
you can say im brave in some other things but not this.
Please....... T___T
And....butot is found inside the Rumbia trees.

 The brave girl of the day!!!!
Lulu touch the butot, 
eat one goreng-butot.

she even said next time she want try eat the real no cook butot.

Lulu you are the woman!!!! hahaha....

 Roanne also very brave....

 JC with butot. :)

 Roanne's attempt.

JC's attempt.

Lulu jie one go..... pics. T_T 

 One of the sago processing.

 Rumbia tree demonstration.

 JC burger.

 We went to try this.
Its one of the local food.
made of sago.
and eat with other side dish.
My grandpa likes to eat this.
Looking at this bowl of ambuyat reminds me of him.
Hopes he everyday in good health.

OK..back to Pesta Rumbia.

All of them never try it before.

 The ambuyat.
The owner of the stall was so kind.
She teach us the technique to eat.

Other tables just eat normally 
but our table need to stand up.
And make out a lot of sounds.

Even got many people comes to snap our pic of eating ambuyat. 
*proud proud.

 Curry with bambangan.

 Driff show.
Got 1 girl drifter. She is so leng lui man!!!

 Minor accident.
A tyre stuck below the car.
But she so cool.
The way she removed the tyre.

 The ferry that transport car for free.
But.....need to sacrifice your time to wait lah...

 Some people that used the small boat to cross the river.
Need to pay la...not free..

 View of Kuala Penyu riverside.

 Old shops.

Inside the ferry ready to go home.


  1. rindu nya nangis sa tinguk. haha..

  2. dont worry...nanti ko balik juga ma..... :) pi jalan2 kita... :)