Friday, November 27, 2015


i miss my blog so much.
i miss facing my laptop typing on a weekend.
i miss the time i have so many to post into my blog.
i miss reading other blogger's post.
i miss re-read my post to find my grammar mistake.

Time tick tock away so fast.
Time flies.
Time will never stop for you.

I realized i do grow older.
I realized my thinking has changed.

In the end, i long only for HAPPINESS,
of me, my families and friends.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A printing day

its been a long time...
ever since i got dayre, never thought i will be updating any post here anymore.
and now i dont know what should i type here..

Life is getting better.
Life is becoming more organized. 
I started to feel that there is not enough time.
Every seconds in life should not be wasted.
When i have free time, i keep on think that any other things that i haven't complete?
Or...what have i completed so far?
When you turn back or look forward for the things that you want to do, it feels like an achievement.
I try not to think too much about money. 
Because one thing i learnt on these few events on life, money will never be enough.
So why think too much about it? There are more on life we can be happy of.
Career progression, Self improvement.....
Its get much satisfaction.
Well it is on my case lah~

Until then, Happy weekend. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I am recovered from the flu!

I feel so not organised these few days.
I have been thinking about my job hunting in kk soon.
How long will i sailing directionlessly this time..?
There are few jobs opening now,
But i really not ready to send out my resume.
Everyone keep advise and ask me to find a job asap,
But i am really not ready. Dont stress meee haha

So whats the plan?
Slow and steady.


Tomoro working again....


Friday, September 20, 2013

A note to myself

When i scrolling over the facebook,
i saw my grandpa's photo uploaded by my uncle kiong.
i saw wenna's birthday photo at kampung.

Right now,
I know i did not make the wrong decision to go back.
I really dont want to be away from my family.
i dont know about how you all but for me,
i born and grew up surrounded by my relatives and cousins.
the bonding that grew among us is hard to describe by words.

in kk,
we will always go back to the village ( Papar & Beaufort).
I can say that i dont like the kampung environment.
But ever since i get into this urban area,
my perspective change.
there is no place as best as my grandpa's small little wooden house.
It might not have the best facilities ever,
but that is the memory that my parents, my uncles aunties have as they grew up there.

Decision is in my hands,
and i know i made the best every time.
Trust me,
i will be happier there.

This post is only a note to myself.

Future is in your hands.

Not ready...

I should update my resume.

but i dont feel to.

i dont want to leave here.


This week is finally over.
I only have 3 working days this week but its the hardest ever due to the flu and some other unecessarily stress.
Today is friday and im taking the mc leave.
Viral blood pressure lungs all are normal.
So have nothing to worry.
The doc that i went to is very good and efficient.
He dont talk unecesarry stuff and just go straight to the point.
Which makes everything faster.
And he even can speak bit chinese, shang feng = flu, ke shou = cough.
I really think that this is a good habit for people who works in service line to know more languages.
Right now, i have just consumed my cough syrup and slowly go to the dreamy land.
Until then, happy friday everyone!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Home Sweet Home

One thing i will do after back to Home Sweet Home.

Redecorate my room.

when i  heard people said they want to buy their own house,
i will think lah...
i am not really into this property thingy.
But ever since i work for the developer,
where i  am surrounded with people who keep on buying property
and earn several hundred "k" from their investment.
I really want to get my own property one day in the future.
I prefer a small apartment but if i have lots of money sure I'll get a condo.
Since i cant afford one now, so i just have to focus on my parents' property 
and literally my very own "property" is my room back in kk...
Photos are from google and for illustration only.

Repaint the wall.
Pastel is trendy.

My several furniture aka
 bedside table
study table
I want to Paint it ALL WHITE

Like this one.

and this one.

White and pink.
White and purple.

But....I know my artistic level is super low...
and it always would not turn out the way i want it to be.
so dream on~ dream on~